Discover the Allure of North India's Diverse Landscapes

Welcome to North India, a tapestry of captivating destinations that promise an unforgettable journey. In Punjab, be enchanted by the vibrancy of Amritsar's Golden Temple and savor the region's rich culinary delights. Traverse the ethereal landscapes of Jammu & Kashmir, where Srinagar's tranquil Dal Lake and the adventurous terrain of Ladakh beckon. Uttarakhand's spiritual Rishikesh and the pristine beauty of its hill stations offer serenity and adventure alike. Rajasthan, the land of kings, boasts Jaipur's regal forts, Udaipur's romantic lakes, and Jaisalmer's golden sands. Himachal Pradesh entices with the charm of Shimla and Manali amidst towering Himalayan peaks. Whether it's the spiritual depth of Varanasi or the majestic architecture of Delhi, North India promises diverse experiences that will captivate every traveler's heart.



North India is a captivating blend of vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. From the spiritual charm of Punjab's Golden Temple to the serene beauty of Jammu & Kashmir's Dal Lake and Ladakh's adventurous terrain, it's a realm of diverse experiences. Uttarakhand offers spiritual solace in Rishikesh and scenic retreats in hill stations, while Rajasthan showcases regal forts and romantic lakes. Himachal Pradesh presents colonial elegance in Shimla and alpine wonder in Manali, all set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas. North India promises an array of enriching encounters that celebrate tradition, history, and nature.

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  • Tour Type Group Tour, Family Tour, Couple Tour
  • Price ₹9000 - ₹39000
  • Categories Private Customizable Tour
  • Duration 3N 4D - 13N 14D
  • Flexibility Extending Stays, Adding Extra Activities, or Modifying The Itinerary
  • Best Time to Visit In Summer April to June
  • Best Time to Visit In Winter October to March